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The Green Track

Putting nature and biodiversity on the path to recovery

#TheGreenTrack campaign is engaging young Europeans in the fight to build a more sustainable future. It addresses key topics, including nature.

What's the challenge?

Nature and biodiversity make life on Earth possible, providing us with our food, air, water, energy and raw materials. But natural ecosystems are under pressure from intensive farming, mining, logging, overfishing, urban sprawl, pollution, invasive species and climate change. Since 1970, we have wiped out 60% of the global wildlife population, and significantly altered three quarters of land and two thirds of the oceans. One million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction.

The science is clear: biodiversity loss poses an existential threat to humankind. In destroying nature, we destroy the conditions that allow us to live and prosper on this planet.


What is the EU response?

Under the European Green Deal, the EU is taking action to move to a clean and circular economy, cut pollution, and protect and restore biodiversity.

The key EU laws and strategies to put Europe’s biodiversity on the path to recovery by 2030 are:

Soil Strategy

proposing concrete measures to achieve healthy soils by 2050

Natura 2000

the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world

These are supported by other EU strategies, such as:

reducing the use of pesticides and fertilisers and promoting organic farming

discover what our world would look like without pollinating insects

These strategies and laws form the backbone of our biodiversity policy and the legal basis for our nature protection network.


Find out more about the work we are doing in the area of nature and biodiversity.

Get involved

Make sure to follow the campaign events, engage with #TheGreenTrack campaign online and join the next Green Track stops. 

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