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The Green Track

EU initiative for youth on nature protection

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Minimising the impact of human activity on the environment through sustainable lifestyles

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Supporting efforts to mitigate and adapt to our changing climate

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Learn about the challenges we face, the work being done to tackle them, and how you can get involved.

What's new?

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Commission launches #TheGreenTrack

#TheGreenTrack aims to engage young people in the fight to create a greener and more sustainable future and to protect the planet’s biodiversity across the EU

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Green Track Stops – final selection of events

#TheGreenTrack Youth engagement initiative announces its 36 Green Track Stops (youth-led events in the EU) to empower young people to act to protect nature.

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Investing in LIFE!

The European Commission has approved an investment package for the LIFE environment and climate action programme.

Ready to speak up?

Are you ready to speak up #ForNature? Do you have an idea on how to protect nature and the planet’s biodiversity? We would love to hear your opinions.

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